Useful ideas

18 useful inventions that will brighten up everyday life and make life much easier


Every year, designers and inventors offer new devices and devices that are designed to further simplify our life. It would seem that everything has long been invented, but it is not.

In this material we have collected 18 useful inventions that will brighten up everyday life and make life much easier.

1. Light

Bilateral desktop floor lamp.

A double-sided table lamp with two light bulbs is an indispensable thing in double rooms, dormitories and rooms that are shared by several people. This light fixture will provide one part of the room with light without interfering with the sleeping neighbor.

2. Heated Mirror

Mirror with lights and heated.

Stylish and concise mirror with heating, thanks to which it does not fog up during water procedures. In addition to the heating function, the mirror is equipped with a backlight, which will provide a comfortable environment for applying makeup and cosmetic procedures.

3. Folding glasses

Points that can be folded.

Sunglasses that can be easily folded into the smallest pocket of a handbag or trousers, which allows you to always carry them with you. In addition, the original design increases the strength of the product, preventing their accidental breakage.

4. Smart bed

Multifunctional smart bed "X12".

Among the unique features of this bed, first of all, it is worth noting the possibility of adjusting the stiffness of each half of the mattress, as well as to establish the height of lifting the top or bottom of it. In addition, this bed can easily stop the snoring of one of the spouses, adjust the lighting, warm up or cool the mattress, and even get a massage.

5. Ergonomic keyboard

Keyboard butterfly Keyboardio.

A stylish and multifunctional butterfly keyboard will become an indispensable assistant for people whose life is closely connected with the computer. From the usual keyboard, Keyboardio distinguishes a number of functions. For example, the ability to divide it into two parts for ease of operation, adjust the height of the keys, set the backlight and even change the response of some buttons.

A unique set of tear-off stickers.

Unlike the devices described above, these stickers do not have any technical properties, but their beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. A distinctive feature of these stickers in laser cutting, which allowed them to create a unique base. The tear-off sheets have uneven edges, and a copy of a small figure is formed from their remains, which can be seen tearing off all the pages.

7. Curtain rod

Eaves with three guides.

The usual curtain rod with one curtain rail does not completely protect the room from the sun's rays, because there is always a small gap between the curtains. Thanks to the eaves with three guides, you can forget about the rays that interfere with sleep. One guide is designed for tulle, and the other two - for thick curtains, closing overlap.

8. Smart toilet

Multifunctional toilet.

The toilet, with the function of automatic draining and cleaning with ultraviolet rays, will greatly facilitate household chores. In addition, the high-tech invention saves water, has a built-in nightlight, Bluetooth and an MP3 player, as well as sensors that analyze the state of the sewers.

9. Moneybox

Piggy bank counting means.

Piggy bank in the form of a jar with a lid equipped with sensors that read the denomination of the coins, and a small LCD display. Each coin in the piggy bank will be added to the total amount, which will allow you to control your savings.

10. Mini iron

Compact iron.

A small cordless iron that you can take with you on a trip, a business trip and even to work, because due to its size, the device will fit even in a handbag.

11. Multifunctional bed

Huge bed with many features.

This bed is perhaps the most convenient and functional piece of furniture that can replace many other things. In addition to the stylish design, the bed is equipped with sockets, USB ports, speakers, a massage chair, a mobile table, bookshelves and other hidden storage systems.

12. Bicycle with minibar

Bicycle with built-in mini-bar.

A regular two-wheeled bicycle with a built-in mini-bar, the lid of which can be used as a table is a cool thing for lovers of picnics and long-distance trips.

13. Stylus spoon

Wooden spoon-stylus.

Wooden spoon-stylus will become an indispensable assistant for those who often use gadgets during cooking.

14. Built-in vacuum cleaner

Built-in vacuum cleaner.

Powerful vacuum system for collecting dust and debris, which will be an effective assistant in cleaning. Simply collect the garbage in a handful and turn on the system that will immediately absorb them.

15. Stand for soap

Stand chopper soap.

The original stand for soap will be a great alternative to the usual soap dish. The stand is equipped with a special lever, pressing on which a small amount of soap shavings will fall on the hands.

16. Dining napkin

Dining napkin with pictures.

Cloth dining napkin, which will teach or remind about the rules of table setting.

17. Bottle-dumbbell

A bottle in the form of a dumbbell.

The desire to play sports can catch up at any minute, and a plastic water bottle will provide you with the necessary equipment.

18. Socket

Socket with pull-out.

Stylish outlet with sliding part, which makes it completely safe for children and almost invisible in the interior.