Useful ideas

12 practical tips on how to simplify the process of making sweets using available tools


Baking is a very delicate and delicate matter for any hostess.

And you always want nothing to burn and get perfect.

Use the tips and surprise your guests with a masterpiece made from simple and handy home remedies, at no extra cost.

1. Confectionery home syringe from a regular package

Plastic bag instead of a confectionery syringe.

Not every home has a pastry syringe. But if you need it, take a tight plastic bag and place the cream in it. For beauty, you can cut the corner of the package with ribbed teeth, then the sausage will be ribbed, You can also make a regular cut for a simple sausage.

2. Check the readiness of baking with a regular toothpick

Toothpick will determine immediately the readiness of the cake.

In order to find out whether your pastry is ready, pierce it with a toothpick or skewer. Only in this way you will know exactly the right result about the readiness of baking.

3. The hanger perfectly keeps the recipes before your eyes.

Convenient and practical.

If you use the recipe from a book or a magazine in the old manner, and you would not want to spoil it, take an ordinary hanger and attach a magazine to it with clothespins. The magazine is whole and safe, and the recipe is before your eyes.

4. Warm and cold knife for optimal cutting of desserts.

Life hacking with a knife for desserts.

Cut the hot desserts with a cold knife, after cooling it in the freezer, and cold desserts are best cut with a warm knife, heating it in warm water.

5. Fast chocolate chips

Fast Chocolate Chips

Chocolate chips - a frequently added ingredient for decorating or filling desserts. For quick preparation, take a potato peeler and chop chocolate.

6. Flour and cinnamon will help avoid burning of nuts and raisins in the stove.

To nuts and raisins are not burned.

Often, when we add nuts or raisins to baking, they burn. To avoid this, pre-roll them in flour or cinnamon and boldly add to the dough.

7. Dental floss - instead of a knife

Dental floss - instead of a knife.

To cut desserts, the floss is very suitable for teeth, it will cut any consistency and will not pull layers along.

8. If necessary, the foil will allow to make smaller of a large baking sheet.

The side of the foil will shorten the shape to the desired size.

If you do not have many bakeware, do not be sad, one is enough! Shorten the shape as you need with the help of foil, and make a side.

9. A hot glass will soften butter

quick way to soften butter.

If you forgot to get the oil out of the refrigerator beforehand, do not worry, you can quickly soften it. Cut the butter into small pieces, put on a plate and cover with a hot jar or glass. After 5 minutes, add soft butter to the dough.

10. Salt will not allow dough to burn in the oven.

Salt will save the dish from burning.

In order that your pastries do not stick, put a baking sheet under the form with dough, pour salt into it. You can even substitute the form of a pan with water.

11. Glass is better than metal.

Through the glass to better understand the degree of cooking.

When cooking pastries it is best to use glassware, then you can control not only the wooden skewer inside, but also the outside at the expense of glass.

12. Clever dough transfer

Rolling pin will help move the dough to a baking sheet.

If you need to transfer the layer to the baking sheet, and you are afraid that it will tear, roll the dough on the rolling pin, and then move it to the baking sheet and unroll it from the rolling pin.