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How to wash the vertical fabric blinds?


To preserve the appearance of blinds for a long time, they need to be properly maintained. Such curtains are not recommended to be washed because of the special impregnation that covers the fabric. To get rid of dust, it will be enough to regularly go over the surface of the blinds with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. In the most extreme cases, when complex stains have appeared on the fabric, only washing will help to remove them. Conduct such work should be in compliance with all recommendations, in order not to deform the blinds.

Is it possible to wash fabric blinds?

In the manufacture of vertical blinds fabric is impregnated with a special secret composition. It is designed to protect the surface from burnout under the action of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the impregnation has an antibacterial and antistatic effect, the dust on such blinds almost does not sit down. If you start to wash them, over time, all this composition will be washed off from the fabric, and it will begin to dirty more quickly, attract dust and lose its color, fading in the sun. To avoid this, it is necessary to know the rules of care for fabric blinds.

The first time after the purchase (about two years) vertical blinds do not need watering at all. To collect the accumulated dust, simply sweep it with a brush or go over all surfaces with a vacuum cleaner. Try as little as possible to touch the fabric with your hands. If you do not allow the formation of stains, then resort to the treatment of blinds with water and detergent is not necessary. But if all the same different dirt appeared on the fabric, then they will need to be washed. This can be done manually or with the help of a typewriter. If you have very expensive fabric blinds, then they are best taken to dry cleaning. There the curtains will be cleaned by professional means. In addition, you can offer a service to update the impregnation of the fabric - after such processing, it will again have all the above properties. Professional cleaning is quite expensive, but it will allow to put curtains in order efficiently and without loss for the quality of the material.

If you have such a household appliance as a steam generator, you can use it to clean the vertical blinds with high quality and without damage to the fabric. With it, you can even remove stains. To get started, you need to install a nozzle on the steam generator, specifically designed for processing blinds. If this is not included, it can be purchased separately.

Begin cleaning from the top of the curtains. If there are stains on the fabric, they should be steamed more carefully. The steam generator well removes traces of fat and nicotine plaque. With its help, not only the fabric itself is cleaned, but also the eaves and fittings of vertical blinds. Hot steam softens the dirt, mixing with the condensate formed, it starts to flow and it will only remain to remove a microfiber cloth.

Steam cleaning should not be carried out too often, as hot steam can adversely affect the impregnation of the fabric (although this method is preferable to washing). The steam generator is used only when the curtains have already become soiled that the vacuum cleaner does not cope with cleaning.

Cloth blinds wash your hands is not so simple. Such work will have to spend a lot of effort and time. First of all, the blinds must be carefully removed and carried to the bathroom. Then each strip is erased, it should be done carefully so that creases do not form. After blinds are washed, they should be dried and hung in place. It is impossible to iron such fabric. In order to get clean, not lost their original appearance of the blinds, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Before you start washing, you must perform a dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. This will protect the fabric from dust that may settle on the fibers during washing. In addition, it will not scatter through the rooms during the transportation of blinds to the bathroom.
  2. After the strips of the blinds get wet, they should not be subjected to intense friction. Therefore, preview the entire surface of the fabric. If it has a point of pollution - try to scrub them with an eraser.
  3. Weights should be pulled out and the chain disconnected.
  4. Having opened the latches, remove the blinds from the eaves.
  5. Fold all the strips in a pile and roll them into a roll.
  6. Prepare the washing solution - pour warm water into the basin (maximum temperature should be 40 °) and mix detergent powder in it. If you want to wash the blinds hanging in the kitchen, you can take dishwashing liquid. It will cope better with such specific contaminants as grease and soot.

  7. Soak the rolled-up roll in the prepared solution for one hour. Then rinse and place them on the grate to drain the water. If the result of washing suits you - you can hang blinds on the eaves. If not, it is necessary to proceed.
  8. Take a wash basin with detergent (based on powder or dishwashing detergent), a chlorine-free stain remover, and a sponge. Lay out stripes of blinds at the bottom of the tub. Sponge dipped in the solution, walk on all surfaces. If stains are found during the cleaning process, treat them with a stain remover. Do not rub the fabric too hard, so as not to damage the protective layer. Movement should be neat, directed along the fibers.
  9. After all the fabric is treated with detergent, the strips need to be folded again and rolled into a roll. That it was convenient to rinse blinds, they can be put in a plastic box for linen in which walls there are holes. Now it remains only to send him water from the shower or just dip into the bath.
  10. After the rinsing process do not rush to remove the roll from the basket. In order to fix the paint on the fabric and prevent its burnout, it is necessary to treat the blinds with vinegar solution (3 tablespoons of table vinegar per 10 liters of water). Dip the basket into this liquid and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then the rinsing process should be repeated. Wait for the blinds to flow and hang them back.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time on hand washing, place the blinds in the machine, after putting them in a special grid with a lock-zipper. Set the mode "delicate", disable the spin function. Pour detergent into detergent container. In conjunction with it, you can use the conditioner for rinsing. After the machine has finished washing, remove the blinds, place them on the water drain, and then hang them on the eaves.

After washing, you do not need to dry the vertical curtains, throwing them over the rope - this can lead to wrinkles, which then remain on the fabric. Better to attach them to the upper part with the help of clothespins. Immediately insert weighting agents that were pulled out before washing into each strip (they are made of stainless materials, so they will not leave red spots on the fabric). Under the extra weight, the strips will finish much better.

Both options have their advantages. If you decide to use dry cleaning, then be prepared for the fact that for 2 - 3 days your window will be without curtains. But then the blinds will be cleaned according to the rules, using professional tools. Experts will not only remove all stains from the fabric, but also smooth it out, as well as re-saturate the canvas with a protective compound.

If you do not have time to wait, and you want your blinds to be cleaned quickly, but no less professionally, you can call the cleaning service. All work will be done at your home, and you will be able to see the whole cleaning process. This service is not cheap, but the result justifies the money spent. In their work, cleaning services specialists use various stain removers and washing equipment, such as an extractor. This is a washing vacuum cleaner that is used only for professional cleaning. The principle of operation of this device is based on spraying the heated chemical solution through the nozzles on the treated surface. All dirt flows away and is absorbed along with the residues of the product back into the vacuum cleaner. The suction power of the extractor allows for deep cleaning or to dry the fabric in a short time. Such a device and chemicals to it are quite expensive, which explains the high rates for the services of cleaning services.

The order of actions of specialists is usually as follows:

  • There is a film on the floor, on which the removed strips of blinds are put.
  • Cleared cornice.
  • On all strips from two sides are passed by an extractor.
  • Blinds are hung back.

Sometimes the strips are not removed, and cleaned right on the eaves.

Each type of fabric has its own nuances that must be considered when washing.

  1. Cotton and linen jacquard fabric does not tolerate wet processing. During the wash it can sit down or deform. Therefore, manufacturers do not recommend using water for cleaning such blinds. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to go through the fabric with a vacuum cleaner once a week. But if the curtains are soiled that dry cleaning does not help them, you can try to wash them by hand. But at the same time try to do without soaking and do not use too hot water. It is better to hang out the washed blinds immediately by inserting weighting materials into strips. So the likelihood that they will move back and not lose their shape will be higher.
  2. Pure cotton vertical blinds will sit down with time, so from the very beginning, choose a longer version. Wash this fabric can be both manually and in a typewriter. Water should be warm, spin mode off. If the blinds are made of colored fabric, then use a powder for washing, on the box of which there is an inscription "Color".
  3. Fiberglass shutters are strictly forbidden to be washed. You can take care of this material only with a vacuum cleaner. From time to time you can use wet wipes.
  4. For cleaning the polyester and suitable hand and machine wash. Such material is easy to clean and practically does not accumulate dust. The temperature of the water and the mode of washing should be the same as for other types of blinds.

The process of washing vertical blinds is quite time-consuming, but if you follow all the recommendations, the result will be excellent.