Useful ideas

17 great ideas to transform waste junk into useful and creative things for the home


Unnecessary old things can always be thrown away.

You can also give them to someone.

And even better to find them some fundamentally new use.

The new review is devoted to just such opportunities - to find the "new" for the "old".

1. Floor lamp

Floor lamp of crutches.

Instead of storing unnecessary crutches in a corner or in a closet, make an original and stylish tripod for a floor lamp that will become a unique detail of a modern living room.

2. Keyring

Key rake.

From the old rusted rake, painted in a bright color, and a small wooden cut, you can make a wonderful housekeeper, which will become a real highlight of the hallway.

3. Photo frame

The frame for the photo, decorated with cars.

Broken or simply unnecessary cars can be used as a bright and unusual decor for frames with children's photos.

4. Chairs

Chairs with lattice shutters.

Old lattice shutters can be used to create unusual chairs. You just need to attach the shutters to the old stools and a unique piece of furniture is ready.

5. Bed

Bed in the back of an old car.

It is not necessary to pass the old faulty car for scrap. The body of the car can be turned into a fantastic cot, which undoubtedly will appeal to any boy.

6. Organizer for the office

Organizer from a tin and a sweater.

Tin jars, tied with old sweaters, are perfect for storing a variety of small things, and thanks to its bright design will decorate any workspace.

7. Art object

Artwork from the old door.

Artistic painting or decoupage of an old door will help turn it into a stunning home decoration.

8. Light

The lamp from a glass insulator.

You can decorate the hallway with the help of miniature lamps made of glass insulators and metal water pipes.

9. Towel rack

Hanger from rolling pin.

We decided to replace the rolling pin, do not rush to throw out the old one, because it can be turned into a beautiful and unusual hanger for kitchen towels. For more attractiveness, the rolling pin can be pre-painted or decorated with artistic painting.

10. Pet bed

Bed of automobile tires.

To date, there are many ideas for the use of automobile tires. For example, from the old wheel you can make a charming bed for your pet.

11. Bag-string bag

Bag of old t-shirts.

Old t-shirts can be turned into bright and original bags, shopping bags with which it will be convenient to go to the market or to the grocery store.

12. Cake stand

Stand of old dishes.

An original and beautiful cake stand that can be made from a crystal glass and a plate.

13. Shelves

The shelf from a stool.

Old, issued the types of high chair can be turned into a stylish and unusual shelf for indoor plants. This shelf will look harmonious, both on the facade of a country house and in the interior of a city apartment.

14. Stand for books

Stand of handsets.

Old wire telephones, which are now rarely used in modern homes, or more often simply gathering dust in cabinets, can be turned into something stylish and original. For example, in a creative book holder, which can be made from two handsets and a small strip of plastic.

15. Vase

Vase of cans and belts.

Lovers of small bouquets and flower arrangements will surely like the original vase made of tin cans and unnecessary belts.

16. Table

Car tire table.

You can make a charming coffee table out of an unnecessary car tire. The tire can be covered with a glass table top or you can sew a beautiful cover for the table.

17. Magnets

Magnets from the covers.

Incredibly, at first glance, plastic and metal covers that are completely useless at first glance can be turned into wonderful photomagnets, which will become a unique decoration of the refrigerator.