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We clean the clog in the sink in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the shower, in the pipes and in the toilet


New technology pleases us not for long - gradually dirt accumulates in it.

Debris accumulates in pipes, sink, toilet, some household appliances. To cope with such a problem, you should be fully armed and know the basic methods of solving the problem.

How to eliminate blockage in the pipe: the main ways

Ways to eliminate blockages in the pipe:

  • Chemical - household chemicals save the situation. It is necessary to pour one of the funds into the pipe, wait for a certain time and flush the system with water pressure.
  • Manual - when a cable is used to eliminate blockages. Also, a plunger is applied to eliminate the blockage manually.
  • Mechanical - the same cable is used, only paired with a special device with an engine.
  • Hydrodynamic - a jet of water under pressure.

How to clear the blockages in plastic pipes?

Cast iron pipes are more likely to clog than plastic. In plastic pipes, blockages are mainly formed on the bends and turns of the pipes. To clean such pipes are best suited:

  • Funds on salt or alkaline basis like "Mole", "Tiret". Plastic is not damaged, and the blockage is effectively destroyed.
  • You can use soda and vinegar, or plunger.
  • if these tools do not help, disassemble the drain, clean the siphon and folds from the accumulated debris.

Be careful if you decide to use a cable - plastic pipes are easily damaged.

How to clean the clogging in old cast iron pipes?

Cast iron pipes often suffer from blockages because they have irregularities on their surface. Such pipes should not be cleaned by chemical means, so as not to add to the main problem. For cast iron pipes are best suited:

  • plunger,
  • soda + vinegar,
  • cable.

How to clean the clog of hair in the bathroom with a cable?

  1. Carefully insert one end of the cable into the drain hole.
  2. Slowly rotate the cable handle, pushing it forward. Rotate necessarily clockwise, otherwise you risk loosening the thread of the system elements.
  3. When tightening the cable trash is removed.
  4. After reducing the voltage in the pipe, pull the cable back and forth a couple of times.
  5. Take out the cable carefully, wash it.

How to eliminate clogging of the toilet at home?


  1. Take the plunger.
  2. Insert it into the hole of the toilet and push, pumping air back and forth.
  3. Move the plunger up and down until it is easier for the water to drain into the drain.
  4. To make sure everything is done correctly, press the drain button. If the water is freely passed into the drain hole - the blockage is removed.

Pour half a pack of soda into the toilet. Alkali will gradually dissolve the blockage.

Hot water
Quite a common way - to pour a liter of boiling water into the toilet quickly and at right angles. Be careful! This method is the most dangerous, because the toilet under the influence of boiling water can burst.

How to clean the clog in the sink by chemical means: a list and instructions

Plus chemicals in that the use of force here is not necessary. The composition of chemicals includes alkalis and acids, under the action of which dissolved organic compounds deposited on the pipes.
List of the most effective means:

  • Mole
  • Tireth
  • Mister Muscle
  • Domestos


  1. Protect your hands with rubber gloves.
  2. Pour the chemical into the drain pipe.
  3. Wait a certain time, according to the instructions. Usually it is about five hours, but most leave the product in the tube overnight.
  4. Rinse the pipe with hot water.
  5. If the first attempt failed to eliminate the blockage, try again.

How to clean the blockage in the shower from the hair?

Clean the siphon
Siphons under the baths are periodically clogged with hair. They must be cleaned at least four times a year. For this:

  1. Prepare a container that you put under the drain to get there water.
  2. Remove the nut and flask.
  3. Wait for the water to drain.
  4. Remove hair and other debris from the siphon. Rinse with water.
  5. Attach the siphon back.
  6. Turn on the water, look at the connections. If they are dry, then everything is in order. In the opposite case it is necessary to screw the connections more tightly.

Use a cable
Detailed instructions for removing obstruction from the hair in the bathroom using a cable, read above.

How to clean the clog in the dishwasher?

If the dishwasher stops during the washing process:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher.
  2. Disconnect the drain hose from the machine and place it in a deep bowl to drain the water.
  3. Turn on the dishwasher.
  4. Set it to drain mode.

If the water drains badly:

  1. Disconnect the hose.
  2. Clean it with a powerful jet of water.

Do not forget to clean the blades from time to time and wash the internal filter.

How to clean the clog in the washing machine?

As a result of fouling of the filter with fibers from clothes, particles of down and hair, it becomes clogged. If you find a blockage, you should:

  1. Carefully open the filtration system in the washing machine.
  2. Remove the filter by unscrewing the screw.
  3. Drain the water in a previously prepared container.
  4. Clean the structure from foreign objects by rinsing it with water and rubbing it with a sponge. Clean the pump system.
  5. Connect the washing machine to the power supply and select the "drain" or "rinse" mode.
  6. Check how earned the drain.

How to clean the clog in the drain of the air conditioner?

You can quickly clean the drain with metal wire, thus removing debris. But in addition to this, it is better to clean the pan as well, so that it does not turn out that the water has merged and the garbage remains inside.

  1. De-energize the air conditioner and remove the cover.
  2. Get to the drainage system. Purge the drainage pipe. Using a vacuum cleaner, remove all dirt in the system.
  3. Fill the drainage system with water for testing.

How to clean the clog in the pipe folk remedies?

Soda and vinegar from clogging

  1. Pour half a box of soda down the drain.
  2. Fill there with a half glass of vinegar.
  3. Clog the drain hole with a cloth.
  4. Leave the mixture to "wander" for 30 minutes. During this time, boil the kettle.
  5. After half an hour, remove the fabric and slowly pour boiling water into the drain hole.

How to clean the clog with salt and soda?

  1. Pour into the drain hole half a glass of soda and the same amount of salt.
  2. Pour it all with boiling water and leave for 7-8 hours.
  3. Do not flush anything in the pipe during this time.

How to eliminate blockage with citric acid?

  1. Boil the water.
  2. Pour citric acid in hot water in proportion: 40 grams of citric acid per three liters of water.
  3. Pour out the resulting liquid.

How to clean the clog with improvised means?

If the pipes are clogged in the house, it becomes necessary to clean it urgently and by improvised means. At hand are usually:

  • Vantuz. How to clean the blockage with it is described at the beginning of the article.
  • Soda and washing powder. It is necessary to mix half a glass of each ingredient and pour it into the drain hole. To improve the result, pour vinegar into the sink as well. Wait 20 minutes and rinse with hot water.
  • Dishwashing liquid. Not only besides washing the pipes, unwind and flush the siphon too. Dishwashing detergent dissolves grease well in minutes.
  • Lemon. In the drain hole squeeze a couple of fresh lemons. Leave the juice in the tube for an hour. Then run the water.

How to clean a clogged plastic bottle?

A plastic bottle will help out if you do not have a plunger.

  1. Take a plastic bottle with a capacity of at least 1.5 liters.
  2. The neck should be screwed on. Cut off the bottom.
  3. Insert the bottom of the bottle into the hole and move up and down with effort.

How to quickly and effectively clean up a strong blockage in a private house?

In case of neglect, when the blockage is strong enough, in a private house it is better to use a mechanical cleaning method. Take advantage of sanitary cable. When choosing a tip stop on the springy, it is safe for pipes. How to use the cable, described in the article above.

Can use hydraulic machine.

  1. Immerse the hose in the system just as you would immerse the cable.
  2. When the hose reaches a blockage, apply a powerful stream of water through it.
  3. Water will wash away all the pollution.

It is better to prevent the problem, so do not forget about prevention. Remove the accumulated dirt at least once every three months and do not bring everything to a deplorable state. And if the blockage did occur, then put into practice the knowledge gained from this article and save on a plumber call.

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