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17 examples of compact and modern furniture that "can" more than it seems


Many people know firsthand how to live in a small apartment, where every square meter counts.

And first of all there are thoughts about how to fit everything you need into the house, and only then the hostesses dream of comfort.

Under such circumstances, transforming furniture can be a real salvation.

1. Workplace and bed

A bed that turns into a workplace.

The high double bed with the lifting mechanism easily turns into a full-fledged workplace. This piece of furniture fits perfectly into the interior of a standard bedroom and is suitable for people who only occasionally use the table.

2. Sofa with additional features

Sofa and pull out bed.

A stylish little sofa, under which is hidden a small bed on wheels. If necessary, the bed can be rolled out and put anywhere, and then again hidden under the sofa.

3. Swivel bed

Bed with a swivel mechanism.

Classic single bed, equipped with a swivel mechanism, which allows it to turn into a full-fledged desk. Such furniture transformer will be a real salvation for owners of small apartments.

4. Multifunctional sofa

Multifunctional sofa convertible.

This sofa not only folds into a full double bed with mini shelves, but also has a fairly wide shelf-table behind the back.

5. Retractable table

Retractable adjustable table.

The sliding table, adjustable in size, hidden behind the front of the drawer, will fit perfectly into the layout of a small kitchen.

6. Table

Retractable dining table.

A full-fledged dining table or an extra work surface hidden under the worktop of a kitchen unit is the perfect solution for a tiny kitchen in a Khrushchev house.

7. Built-in knife locker

Built-in cabinet with stand for knives.

Built-in mini-cabinet with a stand for knives and a hinged lid that serves as a cutting board.

8. The Magic Cabinet

Magic curbstone transformer.

A simple homemade pedestal, which unfolds, turning into a desk and TV stand.

9. Retractable table

Retractable dining table.

Owners of small kitchens believe that a large dining table is an impossible dream. However, this dream is easy to realize with the help of a special sliding system that easily folds up, hiding under the worktop of one of the kitchen cabinets.

10. Sofa table

Sofa and table, which are added together.

The sofa, in the design of which a full-fledged coffee table fits in harmoniously. It can be put on the sofa or hide behind the back.

11. Sofa transformer

Sofa and stools.

A tiny sofa that can grow in size, and a few stools that are easy to hide under its frame.

12. Convertible furniture set

Set of transformable garden furniture.

A simple set of garden furniture, which consists of a table, chair and stool, interconnected, and able to turn into a bench with a back or a bench without a back, but with a table.

13. Increasing cabinet

Cabinet that can increase in size.

A narrow cabinet with an unusual design, thanks to which it can be pushed apart and turned into a small workplace with shelves and two canisters on either side.

14. Bed with a secret

Lifting bed with a secret.

A bed with a unique frame that allows you to easily lift it, turning it into a kind of rack with a bench. Included with the bed is a set of bright ottomans of various sizes, which as superfluous can be stored under it.

15. Retractable table

Desk, which turns into a dining room.

A bright office desk-shelf, which unfolds, turning into a large dining room - the perfect solution for a one-room apartment, where you need to combine several functional areas.

16. A set of modular furniture

A set of modular furniture.

A set of modular furniture, which consists of an armchair and a table, folding into a laconic curbstone in modern style.

17. Shelf

Multifunctional shelf.

A double bed with legs, under which it was possible to hide a wide shelf and not just a shelf, but an extra bed, a table and several sections for storage.

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