Useful ideas

Simple storage ideas that will help even in a tiny kitchen.


The problem of storage in the kitchen is familiar to every hostess.

After all, how to try to find a place for each saucepan or jar of spices.

We tried to partially solve this problem.

In today's material, 20 simple ideas that will help to perfectly organize the space in a small kitchen.

1. Mobile table for the kitchen

A small mobile island for a small kitchen.

2. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets - original and roomy organizers that will help unload the space in a small kitchen.

3. Hanging baskets for quick access.

Metal hanging baskets for fruits and vegetables.

4. Metal organizer

A small metal basket that can be easily mounted on any vertical surface.

5. Organization of space

The doors of the lockers can be used rationally by attaching hooks to them and hanging measuring vessels on them.

6. Small fridge for drinks

A small fridge for drinks is the perfect solution for the whole family on a hot day.

7. Mobile organizers for small premises

Mobile organizers, thanks to which you can store countless kitchen utensils.

8. Metal Organizer Boxes

Traditional metal organizers for kitchen utensils.

9. Suspended cans for bulk products

Suspended cans for bulk products are excellent organizers for organizing space in the kitchen.

10. Wooden shelving and shelves

For small-sized kitchen light wooden structures will look advantageous.

11. Organization of food storage in the refrigerator

Additional luggage storage in the refrigerator.

12. Renovated wooden box

An old wooden box can become an original and indispensable organizer for storing various kitchen utensils.

13. Retro furniture in a new light

A new look at the old wardrobe, which can become an indispensable element in the interior.

14. Great place for storing garbage containers.

A drawer in which you can store a trash can will significantly save space in the kitchen.

15. Rails for the kitchen

Modern rails can be considered everyday elements of kitchen design.

16. Metal rails and magnetic holders for knives

For convenient storage of knives and other metal objects, it is enough to fix several magnetic strips on the wall.

17. Multifunctional kitchen set

The ideal solution for storing cutlery and trash.

18. Wooden spice rack

A budget spice rack that you can make with your own hands.

19. Cabinet for storage of dishes and preservation

Drawers for storage of cereals and preservation.

20. Universal organizers

Metal lattice designs that are perfect for storing kitchen utensils.