Useful ideas

The best ideas for arranging a small bedroom with which the room will be transformed before your eyes


If you have a small bedroom - this does not mean that you should give up, falling into despair. It is enough just to gather strength in order to make all your dreams related to the arrangement of the bedroom a reality.

And what initially seems like an impossible task is actually a trifle, which is solved in a matter of seconds, thanks to a number of tips and ideas.

1. Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wall mural in the bedroom can create an interesting design that complements the interior.

When choosing a wallpaper should take into account the fact that the smaller the room, the lighter the walls should be. But this does not mean that they should be painted in white, gray or beige. It is enough to focus on the central wall, say the one in the foreground, but the one at the head can be decorated with any other wallpaper, up to black and red. Also relevant are floral motifs, photo wallpapers with a print, textural and voluminous.

If you choose the right furniture and flooring, then even in a small bedroom black wallpaper will look great.

For passionate and temperamental natures, luxurious wallpapers of noble red hues and colors are suitable.

White, beige, gold or ocher - all these shades are perfectly combined with each other, so there is a lot of room for imagination.

Just do not forget about the game of contrasts.

Cute wallpaper with a picture of the card - perfect for a bedroom.

Gray rough wallpapers ideally complement the bedroom interior.

2. Curtains in the bedroom

For the bedroom of a marine theme, blue curtains will fit along the length of the window.

Do not forget that the curtains in the bedroom - this is not only a necessity, but also an element of decor, through which you can create a particular atmosphere. Choosing curtains you need to adhere to the general style in the room, but at the same time, you can move away from the classic notion of “all in tune” and put a key emphasis on such minor details as curtains and curtains.

White translucent chiffon curtains look very stylish against the brick walls.

Modern bedroom with blackout taffeta curtains and white translucent tulle.

Light cotton curtains in a cozy bright bedroom.

Light floral patterned curtains in a bedroom with a Provençal touch.

Modern bedroom with dark blackout curtains to the floor.

Classic blue curtains with a pattern in combination with Roman curtains in a cozy bright bedroom.

3. Furniture in the bedroom

The furniture of warm tones and shades will always be relevant to look in the bedroom.

Bedroom furniture can be anything from classic to ultra modern. Here the main thing is to choose everything so that the room was as comfortable and cozy as possible. Do not clutter up with heavy cabinets all the space, just select one small but roomy wardrobe. It is best to stick with multifunctional furniture and transformers. This will give the room a neat and aesthetic look.

The combined furniture will ideally fit into an interior of any bedroom.

Dark furniture for the bedroom.

Beautiful wooden bedroom furniture.

Multifunctional bed with drawers.

Compact but roomy closet for the bedroom.

Modern compact furniture for the bedroom.

Elegant light bedroom furniture.

Emphasis on contrast. Light walls and dark furniture ideally complement each other.

Bedroom furniture.

4. Options and design ideas

The classic style of the bedroom always remains in trend.

Minimalism style - the best solution for the bedroom.

To favorably emphasize the minimalist mood in the room, decorate it in cold colors: white, gray, pale blue.

Bedroom in high-tech style.

Bedroom in modern style.

Bedroom decoration in oriental style.

Bedroom in historical performance.

Bedroom in Provence style.