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16 potentially unreliable things from our everyday life that need to be replaced with new ones right now


Day after day we use the same personal hygiene items, household utensils, and wardrobe items, and we do not think at all that any of these things can harm us at the most unexpected moment.

Today we have collected 16 dangerous things in the house that must be replaced with new ones right now.

We look.

1. Soothers

Baby pacifiers.

Most often, baby dummies are made of latex. This material can hardly be called durable, as it cracks very quickly, and microbes accumulate in microcracks, which have no place in the child’s mouth. Therefore, in order not to harm your child, change the nipple every 2-5 weeks. This applies even to those products that are practically not used or not used at all, because latex tends to dry out.

2. Fire extinguisher

Replacing a fire extinguisher.

If you think that a fire extinguisher is a thing you bought and forgot, then you are greatly mistaken. Both the balloon and the charge have their own shelf life. The cylinder of the powder fire extinguisher is 10 years old, and its charge can be used for five. Keep a fire extinguisher should be in places where the temperature does not rise above 50 degrees. Also, do not forget from time to time to inspect the container for damage, tubes and levers. Remember, a fire extinguisher is a matter of personal protection that can save lives.

3. surge protector

The health of the network filter.

Surely, you, like most people, think that a network filter is a thing of the ages. However, they do not work forever. Due to power surges, their components may wear out, and the surge protector becomes inoperable. Therefore, to protect your electrical appliances, change the filters every two years.

4. Sponge

Foam sponge for dishes.

High humidity and porous structure make kitchen sponges the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Washing dishes with such a sponge is an empty and sometimes dangerous exercise. Remember, once a week kitchen sponges need to be disinfected in boiling water or a microwave, and changed to a new one every two weeks.

Ground and whole spices.

Spices that are too long, lose their flavor and taste. Ground seasoning needs to be updated every 6 months, whole spices in closed containers can be stored from one to two years.

6. Towels

Old towels.

If you still use towels from the time of my mother's or grandmother's youth, get rid of them immediately. It’s worth it even if they look perfect. And this is not at all a matter of taste, but a matter of health and personal hygiene. The fact is that in two or three years a huge amount of bacteria and fungi accumulate in a long pile, which can provoke allergies and serious skin diseases.

7. Room slippers


We carefully select shoes for walking and everyday wear, but we do not care for the fact that we wear shoes at home. But home slippers have their own life. The soft material they are made of is a beneficial environment for fungi and bacteria. To avoid real problems will help the regular washing of slippers, as well as their timely replacement, which should be done every 6 months.

8. Pillows

Old pillows.

If you still sleep on feather pillows, it's time to change them. The fact is that natural filler eventually becomes a breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause serious skin problems. So do not skimp and spend on modern pillows with synthetic filler. But these will not work forever. Unfortunately, their lifespan is limited to 3 years. During this time, the pillow filler rolls and the product loses its shape, which is very harmful to the spine.

9. Bra

Ancient bra.

Even the most comfortable bra eventually comes to an end. Dust and dirt accumulate in the bra cups, they lose their shape, become too loose or cramped. So do not forget to sort through the contents of your locker and get rid of models that no longer perform their functions.

10. Comb

Comb for hair.

Comb refers to daily use items. Particles of skin, sebum, residues of styling products, as well as dust and dirt accumulate on its teeth. All this you return back to your hair. To avoid serious problems with hair, do not forget to thoroughly clean the hair brush once a week and wash it well. Also remember that combs with natural nap need to be changed every 6 months, and those that are made of artificial materials - once a year.

11. Mosquito repellent

Term use of funds from mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellents are seasonal, so they often remain until next year. But remember, it does not make sense to keep the started bottles with the product for longer than 2 years. During this time, they completely lose their protective properties.

12. Sneakers for sports

Running shoes.

If you regularly play sports, do not forget to change your sneakers on time. This should be done at least once a year. During this period, the sole of the sneaker will lose its shape and damping properties, and inside it there will be a lot of microbes that the regular washing will not cope with.

13. Bast for the body

Washcloths for the body.

Firstly, the washcloth that you use every day should be of high quality. Secondly, its service life is extremely short and directly depends on the material from which it is made. If we are talking about the cheapest options, their lifespan is limited to one month, high-quality products should be changed every 5-6 months. As for the popular mesh washcloths, then they generally have no place in your bath. Because of their complex construction, they dry out for a long time, and their folds become a comfortable environment for fungi and microbes.

14. Sunscreens

Lotions and sunblock.

Because of the special composition of sunscreen quickly deteriorate and lose their properties. Therefore, if you do not want to harm your skin and get burned, do not forget to update your arsenal of tanning products once a year.

15. Soft toys

Old soft toys.

Experts say that soft toys can pose a serious danger to the health of the child. Soft plush material absorbs a lot of dirt and collects all the dust. Because of this, they very quickly become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Therefore, parents should carefully monitor the condition of toys and get rid of too old on time.

16. Toothbrush

Shabby Toothbrush.

Everyone knows that a toothbrush should be changed every three months, but few actually observe these deadlines. However, for three months of regular use, the bristles of the toothbrush become unusable, cease to perform their basic functions and can seriously injure the gums. In addition, a large number of bacteria accumulate in the toothbrush, which cannot be washed with ordinary water. All of these factors may adversely affect the condition of the teeth and mouth. Later, you will have to pay a large amount at the dentist.

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